My name is Dean Sabatino

Dean Sabatino - 2013


Podcast Theme: Let's Make Mistakes

November 23, 2015

I was commisioned to write the new theme for the podcast "Let's Make Mistakes". You can hear the new theme here: #162 Jennifer Daniel is Capitalism.

New Solo EP: Green Sun

November 13, 2015

I have released a new EP entitled "Green Sun". You can listen and purchase a copy for only $4 dollars over on the bandcamp website. Green Sun contains five new tracks of electronic music filled with beats, beats, blips, and bloops.

New Solo EP: Augmenta Memoria

June 3, 2015

I have released a new EP entitled "Augmenta Memoria". You can listen and purchase a copy for only $3 dollars over on the bandcamp website. Augmenta Memoria contains four tracks of ambient electronic minimalist music. Listen in the car on a highway drive, or while walking in the woods. Try turning off all the lights and listening in a dark house at one in the morning. Put some nice headphones on and immerse yourself in these sounds.

I Think Like Midnight Release LP

December 19, 2014

A new instrumental band project with longtime collaborator Andrew Chalfen. The LP is called "Warm Seclusion Structure". Go to the bandcamp website to get it.

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I'm a user interface and graphic designer. I have extensive experience designing web-based applications and websites, as well as creating illustrations, music packaging, logos and promotional materials.

I've been the drummer for The Dead Milkmen since 1983. I have played with a variety of groups including Narthex, The Big Mess Orchestra, Baby Flamehead, Butterfly Joe as well as self-releasing two instrumental albums of my own compositions.

Evidence of my interest in photography can be found online at Flickr and Instagram.

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With The Dead Milkmen

Studio Albums

Big Lizard in My Backyard (1985)
Eat Your Paisley (1986)
Bucky Fellini (1987)
Beelzebubba (1988)
Metaphysical Graffiti (1990)
Soul Rotation (1992)
Not Richard, But Dick (1993)
Stoney's Extra Stout (Pig) (1995)
The King In Yellow (2011)
Pretty Music For Pretty People (2014)

Live Albums

Chaos Rules - Live at the Trocadero (1994)


Now We Are 10 (1993)
Death Rides a Pale Cow (The Ultimate Collection) (1997)
Cream of the Crop (1998)
Now We Are 20 (2003)
The Dead Milkmen Present: Philadelphia In Love DVD (2003)

Singles and EPs

"The Thing That Only Eats Hippies" (1987)
Instant Club Hit EP (1987)
"Punk Rock Girl" (1988, 1989)
Smokin' Banana Peels EP (1988, 1989)
If I Had A Gun EP (1992)
"Dark Clouds Gather Over Middlemarch" (2012)
"Big Words Make The Baby Jesus Cry" (2012)
"The Great Boston Molasses Flood" (2013)
"Welcome To Undertown" (2013)

Self-released Cassettes

Funky Farm (1983)
A Date With The Dead Milkmen (1983)
Death Rides A Pale Cow (1984)
The Dead Milkmen Take The Airwaves (1984)
Someone Shot Sunshine (1984)

Self Released Solo

instrumental.volume.one (2011)
instrumental.volume.two (2013)
Augmenta Memoria (2015)
Green Sun (2015)

With Narthex

Twin Cities (2006)

With Butterfly Joe

Butterfly Joe (2000)

With The Big Mess Orchestra

Big Mess Orchestra (1997)
Have Yourself (2004)

With Baby Flamehead

Life Sandwich (1990)

With I Think Like Midnight

Warm Seclusion Structure (2014)


Now You Are 50 - The Songs Of Joe Jack Talcum (2012)
Track "Stranger Gold"

Samuel Locke Ward - NAMEDROPPER
The Lame Years Vol. 11 (2013)
Guitar on Track "Vote Your Fear"

Madalean Gauze - American War
Drums on Tracks "Out Into Nothing" and "And Let Go"

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I'm available for recording/session work, composing soundtrack music, and creating music for online video/audio productions including product announcements, demos, incidental music, and podcasts.

Get in touch at dean@deansabatino.com

Find me on: Bandcamp Soundcloud Facebook Twitter Flickr Instagram

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